Colorado Bug Info

Spiders - Common House hold Spiders in Colorado

  • Funnel Weaver Spiders (Agelenidae)
  • Jumping Spiders (Salticidae)
  • Wolf Spiders (Lycosidae)
  • Cellar Spiders (Pholcidae)
  • Daddy-long-legs (Harvestmen, Phalangids)

Potentially Dangerous Spiders in Colorado

  • Black Widow Spiders
    Shiny Dark Black in Color females have a red or orange hourglass on their backs Males tend to be smaller then the females and mostly black in color. Black Widow Spiders prefer to nest near the ground in dark undisturbed areas. Black Widow bites are poisons and their venom is said to affect the nervous system. The severity of the reaction depends on the age any physical condition of the person bitten. Children and the elderly are more seriously affected. Symptoms of a bite include acute pain at the site of the bite followed by muscle cramps, abdominal pain, weakness, and tremor.

    Black Widow Spiders are rare in Colorado because of our Cold Winters and dry climate.

    They are occasionally brought into the state through travel. 
  • Brown Recluse Spiders¬†
    Brown Recluse spiders are pale brown colored with long dark brown legs and a violin shaped marking behind its head. unlike most spiders, the brown recluse has three pairs of eyes. These spiders are venomous and cause damage to human cells. Recluse spiders are commonly mistaken for funnel spiders and wolf spiders.
  • Sun Spiders
    Sometimes called wind scorpions because they are fast moving. Sun spiders have large jaws and will bite if handled. However they are not poisonous.

Roaches can get into the cleanest of living spaces because in most situations, we unknowingly bring them home.If roaches are house hunting, they seek out warmth, moisture and darkness ( snacks left out are just a bonus) making behind your cabinets, under sinks and refrigerators an ideal living area.